TEG is the biggest and most popular shopping mall in Albania, a landmark in the capital and an entertainment destination.

Although it’s not International Mathematics Day (that’s March 14, which is Pi Day), if you enjoy numbers, here are some interesting facts about TEG that you probably didn’t know.

  1. If you could buy one of each single thing TEG offers, you would be going home with 808,030 products across the categories of fashion, electronics, toys, household products, groceries, etc.
  2. TEG is home to 123 stores, including the biggest network of fashion brands, Inditex.
  3. It is also home to the biggest cinema in the country, with 7 contemporary halls that show approximately 10 movies every day. That means at least 3,650 showings per year. Multiply that with 1,000 seats for drama, comedy, action, thrillers, animations, concerts, etc. The total: plenty of individual emotions!
  4. More than 9.6 million people visit TEG every year – that’s the entire population of Hungary
  5. TEG has the biggest parking lot in the country – 2,000 cars!
  6. Its total gross leasable area (the amount of space in a commercial building that can be rented by a tenant) is 56,000 m2. That’s also the base size of the Pyramid of Tirana, the country’s iconic building.
  7. TEG hosts at least 2 artistic exhibitions per year – talk about more than shopping!
  8. TaoTao, the largest entertainment space in Albania for adults and children, opened in 2022 – 2500 m2 of games where time flies.
  9. It takes the 2,480 people to run the biggest shopping mall in the country, which is also one of the most major ones in the region.
  10. There are 13 gastronomic options at TEG for you to choose and indulge in, from international fast-food brands (Burger King, Good Fellas, KFC & Pizza Hut) to, seafood, sushi, and modern Mediterranean restaurants, in addition to 5 bars to catch a break, chat, and refuel mid-shopping.

And that’s what makes TEG a top-of-mind destination for shopping and more.