The Maintenace Department, part of ACREM, offers technical maintenance services for private properties and businesses, according to CE standards. Our work is based on these pillars:
Responsibility and professionalism
Qualitative service
Monitored costs – Expense management
Assistance 24/7 service

The Department of Maintenance offers a complete reliable and professional maintenance services, for shopping centers, residential buildings and business areas of all categories and sizes.

About Maintenance
The Department of Maintenance offers technologically advanced solutions, tailored to every need to maintain and control the efficiency for:
Plumbing and electrical systems
Central heating systems
Air conditioning systems
Systems of air treatment units
CCTV, intrusion, security systems Access
Commercial construction services
Maintenance, gardening, and irrigation services
Pool maintenance and water treatment services

Our Advantages:
Unified engineering consultancy
Efficient expense management for great savings


ACREM Maintenance Services, provides gardening services to Complexes, Estates, Corporate Office Parks and Private Homes on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. If you are a Body Corporate Member/ Managing agent of a Property/Office park or a private individual and you are looking at getting the best rates for Garden Services with a Guaranteed Service Satisfaction then contact us.Greenery Application project for the construction of green spaces.

Adjustements, dranaige works and field preparation for planting
• Decorative plants
• Field preparation for grass planting
– Grass planting, including all technical processes
– Garden compositions with grass carpet and decorative plants
• Construction of contemporary irrigation plant with programmed time
• Garden maintenance
– Agricultural services, harvesting, pruning of fruits or decorative trees,
– Pesticide treatments against plants damaging

Our regular garden maintenance services includes:
• Mowing of lawn and trimming of hedges
• Weeding and turning of flower beds
• Raking and sweeping of necessary areas
• Removal of refuse related to the service
• Deadheading all flowers and lopping dead leaves
• Trimming and cutting of hedges and shrubs
Our seasonal garden maintenance includes:
• Selected planting
• Pruning of roses and fruit trees
Our optional garden maintenance includes:
• Instant Lawn & Irrigation
• Planting winter and summer color seedlings
• Lawn fertilizer and lawn dressing
• Plant fertilizer and compost
• Pest treatment & Weed control

“We are a dedicated team offering experienced service and safe equipment to ensure that your job gets done on time to a top quality standard!”


ACREM sh.p.k., offers solutions, undertakes the control of harmful insects of all types of indoor and outdoor environments such as Hotels, Shopping Centers, Industrial and Textile Complexes, Warehouses, etc.


1. Disinfection program: The disinfection program is undertaken to eliminate and prevent the infection of harmful crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, flies, wasps, wasps, etc.) that are carriers of contagious disease agents.

2. Disinsection program: Disinsection of the environment aims to prevent and destroy flying insects, with their goals of pathogenic microorganisms and the prevention of infectious diseases in the environments that surround us.

3. Rodentization program: The environmental deratization will be carried out by installing in the place, where the presence of rodents is suspected, monitors similar to lure baits (rodenticides).

The intervention is using products with inov and more classifiers, features with the technical sheet of use and the corresponding permit, the standards of the HACCP standards. The products used, did not use the raw material, do not present effects of use for human, animal or plant health, do not put marks on their face.

The professional team contracted by ACREM diagnoses the problem and gives the high solution, guaranteeing the provision of a level of hygiene, enabling the eradication of microbes, the extermination of insects and parasites in all environments, as well as all advanced ecological and sanitary methods of looks hygienic. a high standard in service.

To obtain maximum protection, it is necessary to follow a program of identification, inspection of the affected environment, hygienic measures, monitoring, control and maintenance of the body, which is based on the appropriate methods for prevention, determination, operation, decision and solution finality of the problem.


Now, with many years of experience, our close partners become a leader in the Albanian market in private and public buildings such as banks, university, government agencies, construction sites, private etc.
We offer manned guarding solutions by combining the best team with the most advanced technologies to provide the best customized security solutions tailored to the demands and needs of each client.

• The company offers a full service 24 hours for all contracted facilities
• The facilities: preserved repeatedly with constant patrols during 24 hours in the same time, staff monitor from the control room 24 hours 24.
• The object, is always under the constant control of the staff!

For more information about our services contact us!


Our collaborators offers the infrastructure and flexibility to collect all types of waste whilst providing a reliable and efficient service at a low cost.

Waste Management can remove just about any kind of waste.
We will provide the collection, recycling and disposal of all your waste, including difficult and hazardous waste streams.
We offer a wide variety of curbside residential pickup services!
We can recycle all types of waste in a fast and responsible manner.
Waste programs reduce costs and provide long-term benefits!

Commercial Center
Residential Buildings
Commercial Property
Manufacturing & Industrial

Our integrated environmental services add value to commercial property holdings.
Cost-effective, environmental solutions that safeguard your patients, employees and reputation.

Need to get rid of it? We’ll pick it up!

ACREM in Professional Cleaning Services is able to tailor a cleaning solution to suit the needs of every client regardless of how large or small.


Our main services:
• General Cleaning
– Cleaning during & after construction
– Cleaning before opening
• Daily Cleaning and maintenance
• Glass facade cleaning
• Glass Cleaning in every height (internal & external lifts)
• Floor Cleaning(parquet, marble, ceramic etc)
• Escalator Cleaning (machinery)
• Toilet Cleaning (Daily cleaning & disinfestations)
• Every furniture cleaning etc..
We are using the latest technology!

These services are provided for different costumers:
• Shopping & Business Centers
• Hospitals
• Hypermarkets
• Public & Private Education Institutions etc…