In 2005, the opening of QTU, the first shopping center in Albania, changed once and for all the shopping and entertainment experience, under one roof for the Albanian consumer. Parallel to this, ACREM has been shedding light on a new and undiscovered industry in the country, that of management of commercial buildings (real estate). 19 years later, the company behind the management of QTU, TEG, Tirana Logistic Park, Rolling Hills Luxury Residences, marks another milestone, that of the opening of Galeria by TEG, the only coastal shopping and entertainment destination in the south of Albania, bringing radical change beyond the industry.

The pioneer in question is ACREM, part of the BALFIN Group, with expertise in the management of shopping centers, residential facilities, logistics parks and other real estate assets. For brands and businesses, whether domestic or international, ACREM offers a range of services, from financial consultancy and design to marketing and management. As for the consumer, visitor or resident, ACREM has constantly brought new experiences, making sure to be the first and to do the best.

This is based on an objective view at the historic of the company. ACREM was founded for the sake of QTU management needs, from the beginning it created the industry and challenged the customer experience. ACREM then went on to build the largest shopping center in the country TEG (2011), which, among other things, has become an example of sustainability practices, such as recycling and energy production through solar panels, often even with artistic initiatives in this direction. Rolling Hills Luxury Residences (2009) was the first exclusive community of elegant villas. While Tirana Logistic Park (2013), implements and operates according to international standards in the logistics sector in Albania. In less than 10 years of activity, ACREM counted 4 successful projects that are either the first of their kind or have significantly improved the industry standard.

Apparently, the moment has come for the next big step for ACREM. Galeria by TEG marks a significant turning point in the commercial facilities management industry. It is a coastal “derivative” of TEG and a destination within a destination. The Gallery by TEG will be located in Green Coast, transforming it into the gateway to shopping, gastronomy and entertainment for the south of Albania and beyond.

ACREM has announced that, similar to its counterpart in Tirana, Galeria by TEG will include a diverse portfolio of entities, from supermarket and electronic equipment to clothing of prestigious names, bars and restaurants, as well as services such as Exchange, ATM 24 /7, real estate sales agency, etc.

Asked about the project’s expectations, ACREM’s Chief Executive Officer, Elda Hysenbelli, said: “We aim to transform the shopping experience and service for all local customers and foreign tourists who are expected to visit our country. Our long-term goal is to turn the Galeria by TEG shopping center into a destination, not only during the tourist season but throughout the year.”

This investment of 13 million euros is an integral part of Green Coast, the largest tourist investment in Albania and one of the most important in the region, worth over 1 billion euros. It is worth mentioning that Galeria by TEG is expected to significantly increase visits in the south of Albania and position it high on the tourist map of the region, with Green Coast already offering the same standard of commercial infrastructure as Porto Novi or Porto Montenegro in Montenegro or even Costa Navarino in Greece, the ace that was missing from our shore until now.

Galeria by TEG comes 13 years after the opening of TEG. We have no choice but to fully believe that the innovation project, apart from a well-thought-out investment, is destined to have a domino effect on consumer perception, the shopping center industry, the tourist season and the local economy.