Acrem won the final of the 10th edition of the BALFIN Volley Championship, in the classic final played against eternal rivals of Neptun Albania, with the score 3-2 (20-25, 25-23, 28-26, 17-25, 16 -14).

In an atmosphere, as usual ignited by the fans/colleagues of the respective teams and their children, as numerous in number as ever, ACREM managed to lift the Champions Cup, which is their second in this decade of the of BALFIN Group volleyball championship.

The challenge between the “tigers” of ACREM and the blues of Neptun was characterized by agonism, rivalry and fair play. The game was balanced, and it took a fifth set to determine the winning team.

ACREM had won its first title in 2019, in a final played against Neptun.

Neptun Albania still remains the most titled team, with 6 championships won and an international cup.

The Executive Director of the BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka, gave the medals and cups to the finalist teams, and in her greeting, she stated: “Today I congratulate the players of the two teams, who showed the same winning mentality that they also have at work. They showed the spirit of sacrifice and faith in each other. The captains showed the leader within them; you as fans gave all the necessary support. These are the qualities that distinguish us in BALFIN’s work culture. Congratulations to the winning team! A big bravo to the finalists girls and boys!”.

The Director of Human Resources, Elvin Nosi and the Director of the Communications Department Agim Fjolla, gave some recognition awards to Spar Albania, as the Fair Play team, Enxhi Reveli of Neptun Albania, as the best female player, and Ageljos Zhillma of ACREM, as the best male player.

Also, the Superior Volley association, with which BALFIN has an 8-year cooperation, was awarded with a special recognition award, which was presented to Professor Artan Pogoni, the referee of this competition.

The captain of the ACREM team, Artan Picari, said about this victory: “We started the journey with a winning mentality and worked as a team, highlighting everyone’s strengths to achieve our only goal.” Yesterday’s final in the tenth year of the Balfin Volleyball Championship was like a dream, until this morning when I opened my eyes and saw the Cup again.”

BALFIN Group recognizes the importance of such sports activities in general well-being, entertainment, socialization, team spirit and fostering healthy competition. Sponsoring this championship for a decade has been one of the most outstanding achievements of the Group in terms of employee engagement.