West Park Albania

Information about the project

Retail parks are a novel concept that BALFIN Group introduced in Albania, with the first of its kind being constructed in Korça and named West Park. A few selected brands will be accommodated in this mall, carefully handpicked to meet the basic consumer’s daily life requirements by providing products in key sectors, such as the food industry, toys for children, electronic devices, fashion items, and home interior.

Well-known local brands will sit side by side with four international brands in a building that occupies an area of 7,124 m2, composed of a combination of light-weighted construction materials that take into consideration the traditions of the city. The physical premises respect the environment and complement the experience of visitors. The location of West Park is strategically chosen to establish the basis for the re-qualification of the entire area, so that the project itself becomes a catalyst for the development of Korça’s district. This is a commercial complex that was first introduced in Korça, and is soon to be replicated all over Albania and the region.

Location: Rruga Midhi Kostani, Korçë 7001